Mission Statement
Get Fit Atlanta facilitates fun, personal growth, empowerment, & lifestyle change via physical fitness and endurance event training. Committed to the acceptance, education, and inspiration of individuals with varied levels of ability & experience we provide a safe, realistic, challenging yet supportive, efficient & effective training environment. We encourage camaraderie, balance, perseverance, and enjoyment to the attainment of evolving individual goals.
Frequently Asked Questions

I just found out about GetFit-Atlanta, can I still join?
Absolutely! We offer training for anything from a 10k run or walk, a sprint triathlon to a marathon. Our membership year begins each April with preparation for a fall race, but we accept members at a variety of times throughout the year.  Check the website for upcoming information sessions and sign-ups. 
But why wait? Please e-mail your contact information and a little about yourself to Info@GetFit-Atlanta.com. We will contact you to discuss your current fitness level and the best way & time for you to get started.
What is GetFit-Atlanta?
Get Fit Atlanta is a fun, non-intimidating, educational and social training group that will help you meet your athletic goals in running, walking and triathlon events. 
Get Fit makes training fun and easy with weekday group events, such as Tuesday night runs (TNRTM), Wednesday night swim (WNSTM) clinics, Thursday night runs and bike rides,  Saturday morning runs, and Sunday group rides--year round!  Activities vary depending on the time of year.
Get Fit supports its members with experienced coaches and well designed training plans.  Members also have 24/7 access to our active discussion forum in Atlanta to contact your coach or other members with questions or for support and encouragement. Get Fit, our coaching team, our amazing members are here for you.

What about the Triathlon Program?
2009 - 2010 will be an exciting season for the triathlon group!  We have added new coaches and expanded our program and training opportunities. Like the marathon program the triathlon group trains throughout the year. A new training cycle will begin every 3 months from April to April geared toward our group "target" races.  We run with the full and half marathon groups, we schedule bike rides on the weekends or participate in local organized century rides, we offer year round triathlon oriented spin classes at World Gym ($5 to rent your spin bike - payable to World Gym), Group swim practice year round (entry to pool free to Get Fit members), open water swims and triathlon clinics.






May I participate in both programs?
Yes! Many of our coaches and athletes compete in both marathons and triathlons. The triathlon program is designed to allow you to incorporate your full or half marathon training with swimming and cycling. Many marathon group members end up joining the triathlon training program after initially attending ‘tri-group’ spin or swim sessions as a cross training tool.






 What if I want to join in on the cross training benefits of the triathlon group training sessions after participating in the marathon group for a several weeks or months?
As with drop-ins to the marathon training sessions, we would love for you to come try out the TRI group… but after two sessions of spin or swim, you will have to pay the difference in the membership rates to continue and to have access to the triathlon training group section of the member’s forum.
Who should join Get Fit Atlanta?
Anyone who wants to Get Fit and have fun doing so!
Get Fit members are just like you – individuals with many highly stressful responsibilities and demanding lifestyles. Each of us deciding that we want to be more fit and healthy; each of us knowing that it is much easier to keep our fitness commitments with others just like ourselves. Getting fit with friends; learning along the way; developing healthy, safe and realistic training routines help each of us meet our goals of completing races from a 10k run or walk, a sprint triathlon to a marathon or half iron distance triathlon events. Most of us originally joined Get Fit as beginners, now many are Boston Marathon qualifiers and iron distance triathlon finishers. Regardless of the specifics, lifestyles, jobs, ages or activity levels - we all share the common goals to have fun and Get Fit!    [top]
What does the Get Fit Atlanta Membership SEASON look like?
As stated before, the official Get Fit Atlanta membership runs from mid- April to mid-April each year. At the April Kick Off dates we start from scratch (for the very beginner athletes) and we spend the next six months training, educating, building your training for a variety of target marathons that occur from early September until the first of December.We offer open membership enrollment for beginners to the half marathon and triathlon training groups every 3 months during the year.  Get Fit has 2 marathon training cycles per membership year, 4 half marathon training cycles per year, 4 triathlon training cycles per year (Cobb) and 4 10k training cycles per year (Cobb).  





 Where is the training?
Our Summer (April to October) Saturday training sessions are conducted from two primary locations
Will host group Long Runs/Walks every Saturday morning - In Mableton at Kroger's (4875 Floyd Road, Mableton, GA 30126) near the Silver Comet Trail? Click here to view of map of the meeting location.
Will host group Long Runs/Walks Sunday’s at Eaton Chiropractic 2847 South Main Street Kennesaw, GA 30144. Click here to view a map of the meeting location
Throughout the winter,  ALL training groups JOIN TOGETHER and  we rotate around town in an effort to offer different and challenging courses. Start times and venues are always listed on our member forums. 
Wednesday night swim at Cobb Aquatic Center (CAC) 520 Fairground Street Marietta, GA 30060, Bike /Brick sessions are held on Thursday nights.  Various cycling options announced weekly on Mondays, and/or Thursdays - weather, daylight and training cycle dependent.  Long group rides and open water swims on weekends - locations vary.
If you have any questions about a weekend training session, please contact us at Info@GetFit-Atlanta.com
Can walkers participate?
Walkers are ALWAYS welcome! We have a wonderful walking program that will enable you to complete a full marathon or the Atlanta Half-Marathon or Silver Comet Half Marathon right here on the beautiful Silver Comet Trail. MANY of our returning athletes have graduated from our walking program into one of our pace based running groups! Please note that our walking groups are not leisurely weekend strolls.  These groups will improve your abilities, make you fast enough to complete a marathon within the time limits of the course and provide a good aerobic workout.  You should be able to walk a 20 minute per mile pace for 3 miles prior to joining.
Are you affiliated with a charity?
Get Fit Atlanta is not associated with a charity and you do not need to raise money to participate in this program. There are several good marathon training programs where raising money for a charity is part of the program. While these can be effective and rewarding, we realize that it's not for everyone and may be impossible to do year-after-year. Some of our members choose to raise money for a charity, but it certainly isn't a requirement.
What's the catch? When do I have to sit through the sales pitch for a new condo in Orlando?
No catch -- really! Get Fit-Atlanta is basically a running club and training program. But maybe that's like saying a Mercedes is just a car. We don't sell Amway or real estate in Orlando. Get Fit Atlanta has members of all shapes and sizes (including folks that probably sell Amway or invest in real estate). But what makes us special is that we all come together to run and walk and share our war stories and our victories. We hope you'll decide to join our club.
I'm not a member. Do you allow drop-ins?
Get Fit does not offer a ‘drop in’ program, but what we do allow is a two-day trial to see if Get Fit Atlanta is the right fit for you. Contact us via e-mail at Info@GetFit-Atlanta.com PRIOR to coming out to a training session.
 How did all this come about?
Well that's a question that's best answered at our kick-off run or one of our social events. The short answer is that several of us had so much fun in prior years.
What is an ability-based color group?
Get Fit Atlanta consists of six color coded pace training groups. Runners are divided according to speed into the Red, Blue, Orange, or Yellow groups if they are training for a marathon. The Purple group is the walking group and the Green group is the Half Marathon group. This system divides our members into group according to their optimum endurance training pace. For example, if you train at a 8 minute per mile pace, you will be a member of the red group. This system works because it allows you to train with those who are at your ability level.[top]
What color group will I be in?
Our first two weekend runs are 3 mile "placement runs". Your time for the 3 miles will place you in a color group. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION!!! You should walk or run at a conversational pace that you could carry on beyond those 3 miles. If you couldn't keep walking or running after completing our initial 3 mile pace finder then you are going too fast. All walkers are in our Purple or Yellow Group.[top]
Why should I walk or run my 3 mile pace finder slower when I can go faster?
Simply, because you are being placed for a marathon training group, not a 3 mile race. It may sound like a funny statement to make, but it is so true. Walking or running too fast will compromise your training season. If you find your correct training pace from the beginning you will complete the marathon in less time, you will experience fewer injuries, and you will have a lot more fun [top]
What are the weekly seminars?
We hold seminars periodically throughout the summer, generally 20 to 45 minutes in length. These seminars will be led by knowledgeable professionals from the health & fitness industry. Some of the topics covered include nutrition, injury prevention, heart rate training, shoe & gear selection.  [top]

What happens on any given Saturday?
Each week, the upcoming Weekly Training Schedule is posted to the Members Only discussion forum under “Weekly Schedules.” Color group details are posted weekly as well.


How did you develop your training plans and schedules?

Our knowledgeable staff of coaches has developed the marathon and triathlon training plans based on both personal experience and our professional training. There are a variety of training programs and coaches out there, but our proven success in training individuals of varying abilities has been demonstrated by our growth and our member success. Our coaching staff works together to enhance the program further through continued education and athlete feedback. Get Fit Atlanta prides itself in listening to its athletes and working with them to achieve their goals. [top]



Do we get discounts on shoes and gear?
As a member of Get Fit Atlanta you are eligible for many member discounts with many of our partners and sponsors!!!!  You receive discounts at Big Peach Running Co., 1st Choice Health Care, Village Health, World Gym, Masterpiece Gallery (framing) and more are added each year!!! The triathlon group will receive additional discounts at Peachtree Bikes, Xterra Wetsuits & More.
You must be kidding. All this for $189 for the Marathon training group and $319 for the Triathlon training group?
No, we are not kidding. Isn't it great?





What is included for the sign-up fee? Please CLICK HERE to see ALL the MANY benefits and items included in your membership package!!!  [top]
How and when do I sign-up?
When? Our orientation dates are as follows:

Get Fit Atlanta Informational Meetings 5:30pm to 8:00pm 5 Seasons Brewing (Prado) March 30th or April 6th or April 13th
ING Georgia Marathon Expo (March 27th and 28th)
SEE-ME 09 (April 4th)
Kickoffs - April 4th, 11th, 18th and 19th, 25th and 26th


 When and where are the in-person sign-up sessions?

*In-person registrations and orientations will be held rain or shine.*
7:30am Saturday, April 4th, 11th or 19th
Will host group Long Runs/Walks every Saturday morning - In Mableton at Kroger's (4875 Floyd Road, Mableton, GA 30126) near the Silver Comet Trail.
Noon on Saturday, April 18th,
Will host group Long Runs/Walks every Saturday - In Duluth at Wal-Mart (2635 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, Georgia 30096) near Shorty Howell County Park.
7:30am on Sunday, April 26th, 2009
Will host group Long Runs/Walks Sunday’s at Eaton Chiropractic 2847 South Main Street Kennesaw, GA 30144


What happens at the sign-up session?
We encourage you to attend an orientation at 5Seasons Brewing (at the Prado in Sandy Springs) on March 30, April 6 or April 13 from 5:30 to 8:00pm - regardless of the location you intend to join. Director / Program Founder Dana Greene and various coaches will be at each of these orientations to answer all of your questions.  Have dinner, spend some time with us, check out our slide show of photos and register at any of these times.  You will be better prepared for the actual placements kick off sessions.
For the Kick Offs at each location - Come dressed in your running or walking gear!  The kick - off sessions will include sign-ups, an orientation seminar, and a 3 mile pace finder run or walk which helps place you in the correct ability-based group. Everyone is strongly encouraged to come out as early as possible as the schedules start on those kick off dates.  ALSO NOTE:  you may attend a sign up at a different location if you are unable to make your locations schedule sign up time.  This way you still know what to expect from the program, get placed in your group etc.  Just let one of the coaches know and they will instruct you further. The kick off sessions takes approximately 1.5 - 3 hours.  If you have registered on Active.com you will still need to download an application and medical waiver - fill it out completely and bring it to your orientation or kick off session to check in.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Credit Card payments are only accepted on-line via Active.com at this time.
Should I attend all orientation sessions?
Yes, after all, you're paying for a 52 week program, not a 51 week program. The more you come the first few weeks during our kick off and orientation sessions, the easier the transition into our schedule will be.  There is SO much going on registering new members, placing you in your appropriate training groups, answering questions, getting to know the coaches, we want you to have as many opportunities in the first weeks to connect with as many members and coaches as possible.
I can't make it to the Kick-off weekends -- should I still sign up?
YES, YES and YES!!! you should still sign up!  Though we would like you to attend all year, we accept members with currently appropriate levels of fitness all year because we are always training for some target race!!!   If you are starting from scratch we have sign ups for our half marathon groups and 10k group in Cobb 4 times a year.  Why put off until tomorrow? Contact us at Dana@GetFit-Atlanta.com today to determine the best way to get you started TODAY! We have a small army of coaches and members ready to welcome you, answer any questions you may have and to help you get comfortable in getting started any time of the year.
We have sign up opportunities 4 times a year for the half marathon and triathlon options, 2 times a year for the marathon option.  Membership fees are adjusted accordingly.  The training option you choose will determine the membership gear your receive; however, all members receive shoe tags, safety vests, technical shirt, training packet, insurance etc.  It is always our top priority to keep this amazing program affordable and the best value around.  [top]
Does entry into Get Fit Atlanta include entry into Races?
No your membership fee to Get Fit Atlanta covers the cost of your participation in the training program. We are affiliated with many local and regional races and often obtain group discounts on entry fees or guaranteed entry for our members, but we do not cover your race entry fees. We always provide information about how to sign up for a variety of races both locally and nationwide.  For an extra $31 dollars you we will include a race entry for the Silver Comet Half Marathon which is put on by Get Fit Atlanta in October 2009.[top]
How much training does this program involve?
Realizing that most of our members lead very busy lives, we have designed the program to easily fit into your schedule. Training for the full and half marathon group involves four days a week – training for the triathlon group involves six days a week.  As with any training plan, you may adjust our proposed schedule to fit your personal commitment schedule, your fitness level and your personal goals. Our training schedules are designed to meet "group" needs, and most of us adjust the weekly schedules to fit our lifestyles.  For example - If you can not run on Tuesdays, you may change that to Wednesdays. [top]






How do I read my weekly Marathon schedule?
  •  Saturday runs are listed by mileage according to your color group. These are our “long, slow, distance” runs.
  • Mondays are Intervals – these training sessions consist of a warm-up, followed by timed periods – 30 seconds to 3+ minutes of fast running while maintaining proper form and stride – followed by an equal period of rest. Designed to improve speed, joints, form & more. 
  • Tuesday we run Minutes or Miles according to pace group.
  • Wednesdays & Fridays are our off / REST days
  • Thursdays are listed in minutes (we use 10 minutes miles as our base) for our Tempo run of the week
  • & Sunday you may cross train or REST.[top]
Do I have to be there every week?
No.  We don't believe we have any members who are able to make EVERY weekend session. And many do not attend the weekday training sessions - (family duties, job, locations all play a key in who attends during the week).  Any scheduled training may be done on your own, and most of our members train on their own during the week and report to their friends via the forums or facebook. (remember to be safe)






Can we participate in races during training?
Sure!  In fact, the entire group is encouraged to participate in several warm-up series races this season. We always run the Silver Comet Half Marathon in October on the "Home Course" as a ‘loosen up’ run after the big fall marathons.






Could I win the Atlanta Marathon?
Perhaps! …But probably not. As discussed above each of us enter into this venture with varying goals and abilities. If you follow the plan we can promise you an enjoyable experience race day and fantastic feeling of accomplishment. You will get a nice finisher shirt, a finisher’s medal, bragging rites, and a lot of cheers from your families, friends, spectators and coaches.
What if I want to find out more?
Send us an e-mail at info@GetFit-Atlanta.com or call the GetFit Atlanta hotline at 770-745-7056 and leave us a message. Thanks!
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