Main Goal For a Runner is to hit a Finish Line
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I have done more with Get Fit Atlanta than I thought possible. I have more energy and determination in ALL areas of my life. I have met and exceeded goals and continue to challenge myself and get stronger. What an amazing feeling to get to the end of long run!

Joining Get Fit was one of the best gifts I could have given myself. In all honesty, I wavered. I was worried about making the commitment. I have five children ages 6-14, one with a physical disability. Work and home require a great deal of time and energy. We all have our obligations though. And they should be REASONS, not EXCUSES, for taking care of ourselves. I signed up.

Sure, you could do it on your own, but the camaraderie makes the challenges that much more fun. The people are unbelievably supportive and encouraging. The coaches inspire with their actions and words. The best part is that we all celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Although we all have different goals, we know the hard work that was put into achieving them.
All you have to do is start. You’ll be amazed by where you’ll go.



Jennifer Doyle



Couch Potato to Marathon!
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 I can’t believe I did it! I completed a marathon before I turn 40! I had never run. I hated the idea of running but I ran to 26.2 miles!  I went from 0 to 26.2 in eight months flat… and dropped 40 pounds while I was doing it! See last April my husband flew up to Boston during Marathon weekend after hearing his stories about the marathon I decided that even though the thought of running bored me, it might be cool to complete a marathon before I turned 40. Then on two separate occasions’ great friends of mine, Officer Rivera and Bill Queeney, came into the office and told me about a marathon training group they had been associated with for the last few years and invited me to come and check them out.  So I talked to Asha Patel and asked her if she wanted to embark on this journey with me… it’s always better to have someone with you when you decided to do something crazy!

We headed out for our first outing with Get Fit Atlanta, we were to walk/run 3 miles ..that was longer than we usually did, but what the heck. We went every week and added a mile on each week so a month later we did 7 miles. We were so proud. WOW..can you believe we just did 7 miles then the time started to fly and we just kept adding miles each week.. in no time we were doing 13 then 18 then 21. Then the time came to do my marathon. It was my daughter’s fourth birthday so being the eternal multi-tasker I decided why not complete the Disney Marathon and have a great birthday for Isabelle at the same time!  


The marathon was amazing, there was something at every mile marker: a full marching band, a cheerleading squad with a flag corps, a live rock band, a DJ, Disney characters, but my favorite was the full gospel choir in gold lame’ robes singing ALLELUHA at mile marker 26!  

People’s shirts were great, there was Sue who’s shirt read 26.2 is the new 60 (it was her birthday!), there was a guy wearing a Yoda backpack and carrying a light saber (do or do not, there is not try) but the best was a guy who had written on a piece of paper and pinned it to his back that said “I am outrunning the fat man inside of me and the coach potato I used to be”
The marathon was awe inspiring; the kind of event that will help you put a lot of things in perspective and will truly transform what you think you know about yourself. At the end of the marathon my daughter asked me to sign her autograph book (I don’t care who put her up to it, but I am glad they did!).
Our family has decided to make this an annual tradition. Next January my mom, dad, husband and mother in law are going to run the half marathon on Saturday and my sister in law and I are going to do the full on Sunday. You should join us! The marathon training group I used, Get Fit Atlanta,  is going to have a Kennesaw location now. I know I couldn’t have done it without a group and I know if you want to you can do it too!
Chris Welsh