I Want To…..Can I?

I want to lose weight....

Get Fit Inspires Mother of Three to Reach Her Dream of Weight Loss

After ten years of trying to lose weight and frustrated with having to go it alone in her basement Andrea Hillman almost gave up her dream of loving life again at an ideal weight. Andrea had a good family life. She immersed herself in taking care of others in order to bury her pain and disappointment of being overweight. She kept her mind occupied  by volunteering, working, continuing her education all while managing family of five. You see, Andrea gained 70 pounds during child birth and didn’t recognize the woman she saw in the mirror anymore.

Andrea maintained a deep desire go get healthy and a vivid recognition of her true self.  In January of 2009, with a goal of losing 100 pounds she retreated to her basement to exercise by herself.  After experiencing the emotional highs and lows of dieting and exercising without any support mechanisms in place she stopped working out by July. 

Not satisfied with the weight loss plateau she was experiencing Andrea mustered up the enthusiasm to enter a 5 kilometer running race. It was here that she was handed some information about Get Fit Atlanta (GFA). Meeting the Get Fit Team of runners and coaches changed her life.  Andrea has now lost a total 84 pounds and can fit into one leg of the pants she wore when she weighed in at her heaviest.

Get Fit provided encouragement, knowledgeable advice from experienced team mates and a non -judgmental atmosphere built for success.

“I was nervous join a running club. I imagined finding a bunch of runner-snobs who didn’t have the patience of the time to work with someone like me,”  is the way Andrea described her doubts about her future team.  What she experienced was quite the opposite. She found acceptance by the group and then found a true love for running. “All my fears and anxiety dissipated as soon as I saw a friendly face with a GFA red shirt.  It was absolutely awesome.”